Farm Collection Vintage Sheep Teapot


Part of the FARM COLLECTION, this dramatic teapot features a serene farmhouse scene with a vintage ram on the front of the teapot and a vintage sheep on the back. A farmhouse wraps around the teapot. Glazed in a combination of sheer gray for the sky and clear on the bottom. Each piece is truly a one of a kind piece of functional art.

This teapot is made using a slab technique and as it is handcrafted without a wheel, has an organic, handmade look.
Each one is unique- the main body is approximately 4-5" wide and hold about 20-22 ounces of water.

The shape and design makes this handcrafted piece a beautiful piece of art, yet it is also functional.

All items are made to order unless otherwise stated. The DROP SHOP section of the shop contains ready-to-ship items.  The current lead time for shipping is approximately 2-4 weeks. 

A photo of the finished piece will be sent once completed. 

Due to the tall shape and small decorative handle, when using it, you will want to use two hands to hold and pour to give the handle extra support.


- Please hand wash only.
- Do not use in the microwave. 
- Lead and cadmium free

Teapot is not stovetop safe - do not add boiling water to an unheated ceramic piece. If you plan on adding boiling hot water directly to the carafe, please rinse it with hot running water first to warm up the clay.

- Due to the unique decorative tall shape of this teapot, when using it, you will want to use two hands to hold and pour.

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