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My studio serves as a source of joy for me. I handle every aspect of the process, from crafting and firing to glazing, conducting product photoshoots, packing and shipping orders, managing emails, creating videos, and composing handwritten notes for each customer. The dynamic nature of my work ensures that no two days are alike, providing an environment that is both enjoyable and constantly challenging. With a high volume production schedule, maintaining the quality of each piece is my top priority.

Featured in Anthropologie for my distinctive LOG OBJET in their 2018 winter collection, I'm continually pushing myself to innovate and develop new, unique gift concepts that add value and delight, enhancing the ambiance of any home.

Anthropologie Log Objet by Gitti Lindner Winter Collection 2018

I take immense pleasure in crafting diverse collections and a range of artworks, from personalized pieces that hold sentimental value for individuals or their loved ones, to functional homewares and kitchen decor, as well as one-of-a-kind sculptures. My particular fondness lies in creating queens and witches, which bring an additional layer of delight to my artistic journey.

For the latest updates on my creations, the best platforms to follow are Instagram and Facebook. I regularly share my new designs as they come to life, welcoming feedback and drawing inspiration from the vibrant community.

Starting in 2023, I began hosting in-person workshops at my Sacramento studio, with plans to continue offering small group workshops throughout the year. Additionally, I am currently developing a series of online video-based workshops.


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