Custom 8 Year Anniversary Gift Vase


Elevate your 8th (or any other milestone) anniversary with this beautiful white stoneware clay vase.  A large number 8 with a sweet little heart is stamped onto the front, representing the lasting resilience of your eight-year journey.  A perfect vessel for seasonal flowers, this vase serves as a tribute to the distinct and enduring bond you've forged. 

*NOTE:  This vase is customizable- if you would like a different number or large letter,  please scroll to the bottom to add your personalization notes in the PERSONALIZATION BOX. 

-This vase is made of white stoneware clay and glazed in shiny white.
- the number 8 (or number/letter of your choice) is handstamped and glazed in a pretty black and gray glaze to highlight your special number,  and a small heart is stamped and glazed in black. 
- It is built using a slab technique and has an organic look and feel to it- each is a unique, special piece of functional art meant to last a lifetime.


Available in 2 sizes: 
- Large:  Approximately 9" tall and 4" wide 
- Small:  Approximately 6" tall and 3" wide 


Select your size from the drop down menu
- Option to customize:  If you would like a different number, please add a note in the PERSONALIZATION BOX. 


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A photo of the finished piece will be sent once it is completed.

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All pieces are handmade so each will vary a little- photo serves as a guideline, and all pieces are made to look as close as possible to the original. I will ensure yours is just as beautiful.