Personalized Pet Urn


This handmade ceramic custom pet jar makes a beautiful resting place for your pet.
These are great for treats as well as pet urns.

Made of white stoneware clay, it is handstamped with your personalized message on the front- you can include a heart and pet paws, dates- a quote or just a name. Whatever special message has meaning for you. ❤️

The message is handglazed in black and the vase is glazed in a beautiful shiny white glaze. A cork top fits as the lid.


SMALL : 3.5" tall x 4" opening (for pre-cremation weight up to 5 lbs.)

MEDIUM : 5" tall x 4" wide (for pre-cremation weight up to 25 lbs.)

LARGE : 6" tall x 4" wide (for pre-cremation weight up to 50 lbs.)

XLARGE : 8" tall x 4.5" wide (for pre-cremation weight up to 80 lbs)

XXLarge : 9" tall x 4.5" wide (for pre-cremation weight up to 110 lbs)

PHOTOS: This is a sample photo only. The piece you receive will have the same size, shape, and glazes as the picture. Those pieces in the images are examples of what you will receive. I will make sure yours is just as excellent.

All items are made to order unless otherwise stated. The DROP SHOP section of the shop contains ready-to-ship items.  The current lead time for shipping is approximately 2-4 weeks. READY TO SHIP items will ship within 2-4 business days.

A photo of the finished piece will be sent once it is completed.

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All pieces are handmade so each will vary a little- photo serves as a guideline, and all pieces are made to look as close as possible to the original. I will ensure yours is just as beautiful.